Relaxing White House Gmail Lulz

Yet another hack has hit U.S. Government official, this time a Gmail account belonging to a White House contractor. Ian Mellul, employed by the White House as an advance associate, had many of his personal and private emails released by DC Leaks, which has been responsible for many other high-profile leaks in recent weeks. According to NBC news, this trove contains:

The emails include:

  • Detailed lists of names of Secret Service and White House Military Office staffers who were to travel and manage specific site security for the President and First Lady's trip to Havana, Cuba in March.
  • The White House Travel Manual which includes IT security guidelines for staffers travelling abroad.
  • The detailed routes for movements of the Vice President on trips in the United States (i.e. his route through hotel corridors at an event in Cleveland).
  • The detailed schedules and movements of the First Lady on a trip in the U.S.
    The detailed schedules and movements of trips for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and former president Bill Clinton.
  • Names, social security numbers, and dates of birth of some White House staff.
  • Names, social security numbers, and dates of birth for guests to vice presidential events that were to be cleared by Secret Service (these are regular citizens or staff such as caterers etcetera who were to meet with the vice president).

This latest hack highlights the embarrassing security protocols used by many government employees and officials, where most incidents are swept under the rug and forgotten. Him in our time.

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  1. Is there any information on Michel"le" Obama's gender?

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