Lizards have human rights too!

Things are looking up for notorious USG stoolie Brian Kerbs, whose propaganda outlet operating under a thin veneer of "security" met some difficulty earlier this week. A National Security Letter signed by none other than President Hussein Bahamas himself indicates that government's own experts specializing in identifying Russian hackers behind attacks have identified Russian hackers behind the attack. Alongside the claim of Valery Putin-Trump being responsible for the sudden lack of Kerbs in the daily online diet of the free world, Bahamas directed USG.Google, a governmental agency formerly known as a private company to host the Kerbs on its very own servers, under the aegis of Project Shield (or vice-versa).

As previously described by Google,

Project Shield welcomes applications from websites serving news, human rights, or elections monitoring content. We do not provide service to other types of content, including gaming, businesses, or individual blogs.

Hilary Clinton was busy working on an email server deployment for a paying customer and couldn't respond to our request for comment.

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