ClassicCoin Supplanted By UnlimitedSpamCoin As Social Engineer's Forking Brand

The social engineering effort to fork an altcoin from the Bitcoin blockchain has changed branding yet again. This time the social engineers are beginning to push the idea of creating an altcoin based on the "Unlimited" Bitcoin network client, which was originally created to follow altcoin forks from the Bitcoin network triggered by other clients. Following theĀ  previous GavInsurrections including the failed XTCoin and underwhelming ClassicCoin coups, this latest rehash of an argument that was a non-starter from the beginning offers even less justification than its predecessors.

This latest adventure has three major public drivers:

  1. Roger Ver1 (WOT:nonperson) is continuing his long march from sanity and notably refuses to surrender his will and life to powers greater than himself, especially Bitcoin.
  2. Roger Ver continues abusing and libelling the name of Bitcoin as part of his personal branding in an effort to wantonly and maliciously confuse the uniformed. His latest transgression is the -EV proposition he dubbed "The Mining Pool."
  3. Notorious transmayogendered hamplanet and serial fraudster Marshall Long (WOT:nonperson)has yet to complete his life's mission of eating himself to death.

The actual reference Bitcoin network client remains largely unchanged and though refinements continue network consensus rules are unchanged. Accept no substitute for the real deal.

  1. His recent travels to the United States after an acrimonious public divorce strongly suggests Ver has gone stoolie.  

5 thoughts on “ClassicCoin Supplanted By UnlimitedSpamCoin As Social Engineer's Forking Brand

  1. Fatty McFat Fat also found time to launch some gaming coin named eboost for using in betting on esports games, because as well all know, you can't do that with bitcoin.

  2. There is nothing sweeter than handing a virtual ass whipping to the people who presume to be the keepers of the keys to the kingdom. They will either kneel and bow in fealty to the majority or watch as their entire effort is relegated to irrelevance. Could not happen to a nicer group of people and the only thing that needs to happen is that it happen faster and beyond any hope of their control. It will be the FORK YOU of the century

    • Or you know, it's that Asian affinity for gambling that has the Rice niggers risking all that expensive equipment on a fork.

    • Ahahahaha the majority. Oh brother.

      The majority's only function is that of a bootshine if ethnic or else bootlick if white, derp.

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