BitXatm Experiences Internal Orifice Exploitation

The sorry for your loss hit Bitcoin ATM provider BitXatm Network this week, with at least 18 of 197 machines being compromised by a disgruntled former employee. Rob Gonzales, CEO of UTXO, on of BitXatm's users, said one of their traders noticed all the Bitcoins on his machines disappeared to an address containing over $100,000 USD worth of Bitcoin. Calls to support offered no assistance. BitXatm CEO Gabriel Prodanescu offered the following statement:

“New generation ATMs, as well as the private clouds (ATMs belonging to clients that choose this service, usually “fleet owners”), were not affected due to additional security layers. Affected ATMs will be operational and secured in the next 24-48 hours. We have already filed an official complaint and a criminal investigation was started by Special Unit of Cyber Crime and Terrorism of Federal Police (DIICOT).

Internal investigations are in progress, we will be transparent and update you every 24 hours. Press release will be posted very soon.”

BitXatm bills their machines as "Plug & Play Hardware and Software that requires no technical knowledge to setup or operate", a business model that is likely to provide lulz for Qntra readers for as long as the company continues to operate.

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