US Navy Project "Tor" Surrounded By Drama As USG Reasserts Control

Further drama continues to besiege the fandom surrounding the United States Navy project commonly referred to as "Tor" as the United States Government reasserts overt control over the project. Back in July the entire board was sacked with the exception of NSA asset, Political Officer, and project co-founder Roger Dingledine who transitioned to a "technical leadership" position along with his fellow co-founder. Now that it is a month later, the fandom community surrounding Tor is proposing a "general strike" and other forms of flailing because reality won't let them continue pretending this thing they though was their private playground never actually was any of the things they pretended. Sorry for your lost innocence.

2 thoughts on “US Navy Project "Tor" Surrounded By Drama As USG Reasserts Control

  1. Why are USG tools so keen of this "technical position" pretense ? It's almost like an inferiority complex by now.

    • From my few in-person discussions with Roger at e.g. CCC, he always wanted to do more code (which he used to be able to focus on (if you trace bugtracker history, not that it'd be a worthy expenditure of time), before management and fundraising took over). So good for him, I say.

      *MP twitching intensifies*

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