Sorry For Your 36.067%

Bitfinex made an updated announcement on the status of their Socialization plan, with users set to take a 36.067% loss in the ass when the exchange re-opens in 24-48 hours. (archived) Party officials said they will need a few more days to hatch excuses to "explain in full detail the methodology used to compute these losses". Delusional party members thanked their wise leaders for the haircut in the comments section, praising Buttfinex's decision to redistribute wealth as they saw fit. Losses are reported to be distributed against all asset classes "held" on Bitfinex. They are the 36.067%!

3 thoughts on “Sorry For Your 36.067%

  1. That's not so bad compared to being goxed. Progress!

  2. The lulzotronics continueth for Shitfinex. Looks like the hairdresser found a few strays.

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