Not Quite News Roundup Xtend 3 (TM)(R)

Welcome to the third edition of the Qntra Not Quite News Roundup Xtend (TM)(R). These events of the past week happened, but didn't quite qualify as news on their own merits.

  • Enrollment at the turmoil stricken University of Missouri is down 2,100 students. This year Mizzou enrolled 4,799 incoming freshmen, 1600 fewer than they did last year. Their credit outlook is also still down.
  • An Ass-shaped Airship crashed while landing to end its second flight. The Ass-shaped Airship had an estimated cost of 25 million pound formerly sterling. This figure is far less than a billion dollars, and it was not shot by police after rampaging through the countryside.
  • A suit against the late altcoin exchange Cryptsy has been granted class action status in the United States.
  • Bitmain, the group behind Antpool and Antminers, is looking to grab some quick cash by releasing "hobbyist grade" Bitcoin miners for sale.
  • Krypton, an altcoin to the altcoin Ethereum, suffered a 51% attack following dump of the currency by the attacker. The affected retailer Bittrex was reimbursed by the project lead by Stephanie Kent (WOT:covertress) suggesting the value in real and potential terms involved was minimal.
  • US Presidential candidate Donald Trump-Clinton was criticized by his political opponents for suggesting that black American should be able to walk down the street without fear of being shot despite goal composing a substantial part of their political platform.
  • Several fiat banks have teamed up to propose an altcoin they would like to call "settlement coin" which in their estimation would supplant existing altcoin "Special Drawing Rights" for easing settlements of fiat between fiat banks for fiat purposes.

Sorry for your loss.

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