Monsanto On Dicamba Drift Disaster: We Are Not An Enforcement Agency, To Argentina: We Are An Enforcement Agency

In response to growing tensions over Monsanto's Dicamba resistant soybeans tempting farmers to use Dicamba and wilting neighboring soybean fields along with the occasional stand of trees,1 Monsanto's response through a representative of the company is:

“We understand the EPA is investigating and Monsanto is supporting that work.”

Richard: “The thing I want to underline is we, as a company, aren’t an enforcement agency. We’re confident that the state officials will be evaluating the complaints, will investigate and will take appropriate actions.

“As a company, we can’t speculate on what action government officials will take – especially those who are investigating complaints of misuse. I’m sure they’re working diligently and will be taking action.”

– Monsanto Representative to Delta Farm News (archived)

By contrast when Argentina refused to follow Monsanto's exacting instructions in an attempt to enforce dubious and expiring patents, acting as an enforcement agency Monsanto embargoed Argentina.

For all the pain market forces are continuing to heap on the value of the corn crop, the soy crop this year is on track to produce nothing but losers. On one side will be farmers with a spectacular haul burdened by torts and on the other are farmers who went through the expense of planting only to harvest wilt if they don't end up tilling the field under. Sorry for your loss.

  1. On a recent country drive numerous stands of deciduous trees near farms appeared to have been experiencing profound stress disproportionate to this summer's heat

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