Man Jailed After Allegedly Spiking Utah Police Sergeant's Lemonade

A fast food worker remains jailed after a police sergeant in Layton, Utah alleges the man "spiked" his lemonade with methamphetamine and tetrahydrocannabinol (archived). While methamphetamine is water soluble and capable of entering into solution with lemonade, tetrahydrocannabinol is incapable of entering into solution with water strongly suggesting that if tetrahydrocannabinol appeared on the Sergeant's drug screen it is because he likes to get himself high.

Alleged tests apparently reveal undisclosed amounts of drug material in the lemonade. Field drug testing kits of the sort used by police departments are notorious for delivering false positives reacting to all manner of substances that are pointedly not the drugs they supposedly test for (archived). Field drug tests would also not return any information on the amount of alleged drugs contained in the lemonade.

The police department also insists they have surveillance video of the suspect Tanis Ukena (WOT:nonperson) "tampering with the drink", in the sense that they admit they have video of him walking away from the drink while preparing it and then returning to finish the task of preparing the drink.

It turns out the Taco Bell employee who last month refused to serve two sheriff's department deputies may have been exercising extreme prudence. By refusing to serve those two deputies that Taco Bell cashier lost her job, but avoided the prospect of jail in the event they needed a scapegoat to absolve themselves for their intoxication on the job. Peace in our time.

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