Hacked Exchange Other Than Bitfinex Also Plans Reopening

Gatecoin has announced it will be re-launching it's trading platform soon, in attempts to revive the image of a company that lost 15% of it's net worth in a security breach. The exchange plans to resume trading on August 17th at 08:00 GMT. Feeble car-salesman tactics to lure back ETH huffers to the platform include no trading fees until September, and the ability to withdraw DAO tokens. Gatecoin has promised customers "round-the-clock security monitoring with constant penetration testing" which likely translates to greater odds of the customer being penetrated anally. Sorry for your loss.

One thought on “Hacked Exchange Other Than Bitfinex Also Plans Reopening

  1. And HashOcean wants to continue after losing millions.

    What a time to be alive. (For a serial exit scammer, … like the energizer bunny, just keep going, and going, and going.)

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