FDA Prepares To Regulate Literal Shitware

Despite small-scale studies indicating that poo replacement treatment – known as Fecal Microbiota for Transplantation (FMT) – can be more effective than vancomycin at combatting Clostridium difficile infections, USG.FDA is preparing to regulate the emerging market in order to protect its Big Pharma supporters. Also, given that highly antibiotic resistant C. difficile pathogens are the leading cause of nosocomial infections in American community hospitals, that USG.Hospital wants to solve the problems it made itself is largely par for the course.

Intent on entangling FMT treatment in a bureaucratic quagmire to rival AML/KYC,1 USG.FDA's proposed regulations would deprive needy Americans of doctor-facilitated avenues for treatment, pushing even more folks into the smelly back alleys of the dark web, if only 10.5g at a time.

Sorry for your loose2

  1. APL/KYB anyone ? 

  2. stool, c. diff is a bitch.  

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