Coinbase And Reddit Work To Hide Blood From Users

With rumours of insolvency still buzzing on social media, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong took to Twitter to announcing that the company "has all funds to cover user deposits." Apparently cryptographic proof is too hard for the company to present to the public. (archived) Irate users quickly responded with calls for independent audits as Ether huffers still wonder why the exchange refuses to credit their Ethereum Classic tokens to their accounts. Armstrong reminded users that Coinbase "is not a wallet" and users can store their funds in a multisig vault – the exact same type of setup that failed to protect users of Evolution darknet market when it collapsed in an exit scam. The official Coinbase site still bills itself as a digital currency wallet, and offers a "wallet app" on the Google Play store. The companion announcement on reddit quickly was upvoated to the front page. Sorry fork, your loss.

One thought on “Coinbase And Reddit Work To Hide Blood From Users

  1. Coinbase has a slightly lower than 50% chance to survive the month. Noobies are kindly reminded that the only kind of safe coin is the coin in your own pocket, and that USG.VC outfits such as Coinbase chiefly exist to lie to them, and steal their stuff.

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