Bitfinex Director Claims 119,756 Bitcoins Lost

Reddit user zanetackett, Director of Community and Product Development for Bitfinex, is now claiming that losses total 119,756 BTC in the hack reported on earlier today. Attackers were apparently able to obtain the offline keys used for the multisig setup used by the exchange, though Buttfinex officials have yet to comment on the exact attack vector. The company further states that "their insurance does not cover these losses" and that "Any settlements will be at the current market prices as of 18:00 UTC" which was just at $600 per coin.

4 thoughts on “Bitfinex Director Claims 119,756 Bitcoins Lost

  1. Oh check that out, the insurance scheme that never existed doesn't cover the alleged loss of some Bitcoin that were never held by some website that never was an exchange. SUCH THICKNESS!

  2. Sorry for your loss.

    lulz not really

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