After Years Of Rumours Coinbase Adds Litecoin Support, Kind Of

With rumours of Coinbase adopting Litecoin1 dating back to 2012, the time has finally arrived. Sort of. Coinbase has opened a market for trading a Litecoin versus United States dollar currency pair on their GDAX exchange. Anticipation that Coinbase would in some way do something with Litecoin peaked in August of 2013 when they hired Litecoin creator Charles Lee (WOT:coblee). Apparently Coinbase was just waiting for the right scamcoin to pop their altcoin cherry before letting the largely abandoned Litecoin take a ride with them. Sorry for your lost years.

  1. A supposedly experimental ASIC and FPGA resistant altcoin now largely mined with ASICs and FPGAs farms to the extent anyone bothers with it at all.  

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