WAPO: Major US Socialist Party To Deploy Electoral Nuclear Option In Desperation

According to the Washington Post the Major Socialist Party in the United States1 is set to deploy a nuclear option in the campaign out of desperation. This nuclear option is a pathway for marijuana legalization in the United States.2 This comes as the Libertarian party ticket of two term governors Gary Johnson and William Weld is positioned to play spoiler not to Donald Trump-Clinton (WOT:nonperson), but to Hillary Rodham-Clinton. Traditionally the Libertarian party has been positioned to spoil minor socialist tickets while the Green Party3 spoiled major socialist tickets.

In this year's electoral circus where the Libertarian slate is polling with greater support than the typical gap between major party candidates, the Major socialist party has been forced to fire the marijuana legalization glass cannon.4 Of course there could be other motivations for the move, like the reality that United States farmers desperately need a crop that isn't edible. Sorry for your laws.

  1. Meaning the one that is poised to nominate Hillary "Clitler" Rodham-Clinton (WOT:nonperson)for the presidency.  

  2. Also known as what people thought they were¬† for voting for when voting for Barack Obama (WOT:nonperson).  

  3. Became defunct in 2000 when it helped spoil Al Gore's (WOT:nonperson) chance at beating George W. Bush (WOT:nonperson).  

  4. This a a glass cannon because you can only legalize marijuana once. Otherwise marijuana is already legal. Just as delivering gay marriage means they can't deliver it again. This is in contrast to their tent poles like fighting poverty which are incapable of having a defined "mission accomplished" style ending.  

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