Suicide Bombers Strike Saudi Arabia

Three cities in Saudi Arabia were hit by suicide bombers yesterday. One of the sites targeted was near the Prophet's Mosque in the Muslim holy city of Medina. The implications of suicide bombers striking near the burial place of Muhammad as opposed to Paris, a gay bar, or social services center is left to the alert reader. Peace in our time.

4 thoughts on “Suicide Bombers Strike Saudi Arabia

  1. Stability is fragility. Anyone listening to Taleb for the past decade has seen the fall of The House That Abdullah Built coming a mile away.

  2. «Árabe mata árabe es legal, no viola derechos humanos. Israel no tiene nada que ver con esto. Yo*, argentino».

    *. Carlos Maslatón, insanely bright guy, who sadly has a long history of going to business bed with wences. Can't link to his articles, bc he shares not only the age with Taleb, but also the tendency to write on 'social media'. Can grep for 'mata' on his Derpface profile, if you care.

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