Seafile Cloud Storage Forks

The summer of forks is claiming victims outside of the "blockchain ecosystem", with the Seafile cloud service announcing it will be forking its code due to what it feels are unfair price increases by the Chinese cartel Seafile Ltd. (archived) Seafile developers claim Seafile Ltd. revoked their access to the project's source code, and they were forced to respond by blocking the cartel's access to the community and support forums. No word was offered as to whether the split would affect the security of users data stored across the fork. Sorry fork, your loss.

3 thoughts on “Seafile Cloud Storage Forks

  1. Hard drives are now dead, because "seafile" evolves whereas hard drives don't and what doesn't evolve dies.

    I heard it from some imbecile that wrote bad code, cost people money and still hasn't manned up to the responsibility.

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