Roger VER-ified Censorship Free Paradise Censors

The convicted felon known as Roger Verified (WOT:nonperson), scraped the bottom of the reddit barrel when creating the lulz mine r/btc, in an attempt to create a forum for users interested in hijacking Bitcoin with bigger blocks. His claim was r/bitcoin, run by the scammer theymos (WoT: theymos), did not represent the views of the majority due to censorship. Verified further claimed his new lulz mine r/btc, was free of censorship, and thus represented an unbiased view. Upon publicly disclosing his subreddit's moderation logs, evidence quickly arose of an obfuscated censorship technique.

The automoderator bot, contrary to Roger VER-ified claims is optional. It is turned off by default, and upon being activated comes with a completely blank configuration. The logs reveal /r/BTC's automoderator deletes any comments from a user with -50 comment karma in that subreddit, a custom policy which required intentional implementation. Given the evidence Trilema reported earlier proving reddit is easily manipulated by bots, it is pretty clear the moderators are utilizing vote manipulation to censor unpopular opinions.

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