Phuctor Finds RSA Collision In SSH Key Dump

Today the Phuctor discovered two SSH keys sharing a common factor while working on a dump of SSH public keys discovered during a scan of the IPv4 address space. The shared factor is:


The keys (Key A and Key B) correspond with IP addresses assigned to the internet service provider "Frontier Communications" which may translate to shitty DSL modems. Phuctor has factored interesting keys before, but this compromised pair is notable for the size of the factor discovered through Phuctor's relentless search for common denominators. Phuctor has broken 249 RSA moduli as of the time of this publication. Beyond the common factor both keys share the RSA exponent 35, previously noted to be suspicious.

Frontier Communications previously was best known for being the venture that runs wired telecommunications services in territories that Verizon decides it doesn't want any more.

4 thoughts on “Phuctor Finds RSA Collision In SSH Key Dump

  1. The market has ~not~ taken this news well.

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