On Eve Of National Convention Democratic Party Ousts Chair

On top of all the other lulz happening with the United States major socialist party on the eve of their national convention, the Democratic party has ousted chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (WOT:nonperson) from both her office as chairwoman and from the convention. News of her ouster comes on the same day she announced her intention to resign the office of chairwoman after the convention. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is also the congressional representative from Florida's 23rd district and faces a primary challenge on August 30th.

While the adversarial takeover and slaughter of the traditional GOP has left Donald Trump-Clinton a commanding position in the presidential race, the long planned coronation of Hillary Rodham-Clinton appears to be bringing still greater destruction to her party. Both socialist parties are grievously wounded, but Hillary's campaign has largely depended on the strength of the Democratic party to carry her. By contrast Donald's campaign gutted the Republican party and with his nomination secured he gets to ride the party's remains with his existing campaign infrastructure to the November general election.

Peace in our time.

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