Oklahomo Police Sniper Kills Child's Dog

A police sniper in Wynnewood Oklahoma killed Opie, a five year old child's dog, through the cover provided by a fence (archived). At the time Opie was shot he was attending his master's birthday party when police decided to execute a warrant against a suspect who had last resided in the residence hosting the party a decade ago. Wynnewood Police Chief Ken Moore (WOT:nonperson) defended the sniper's use of force saying the officer was unaware of Opie's presence and Opie had "charged at him" while on the other side of the fence. The war criminal Moore further defended raiding a rental property that had cycled through tenants numerous times in the decade since the suspect last resided there by offering "we had to start somewhere."

Having recieve numerous death threats motivated by Opie's murder Moore offered that the department, in light of recent events was very concerned.

Oklahoma is a testbed for "law enforcement" oppression tactics which are often later exported to other parts of the United States. Peace in our time.

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