Florida Money Laundering Case Against Espinoza Dismissed

Michell Espinoza, arrested in an undercover sting for selling $1,500 worth of bitcoin had his case dismissed today. Surprisingly Espinoza's legal defense strategy was the same exact one Pascal Reid attempted to use to before being lowered into pederasty.  Espinoza's case was dismissed on the ground that Bitcoin wasn't money under Florida law. Judge Teresa Mary Pooler wrote in her ruling:

The court is not an expert in economics, however, it is very clear, even to someone with limited knowledge in the area, the Bitcoin has a long way to go before it is the equivalent of money.

This may haven given Pascal Reid ample ground for an appeal to void his plea bargain, if he wasn't so eager to turn rat.

2 thoughts on “Florida Money Laundering Case Against Espinoza Dismissed

  1. State court judge interpreting FL state law. Valid decision that FL law is vague, and should be read in favor of defendant. This will have zero precedential effect outside FL, and in federal court in FL. Basically was a strategic overreach by career-minded FL state prosecutors. Should have been a federal case.

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