Ethereum-iverse Bleeding Money

Corn futures fell precipitously early Monday morning as harvest expectations continue to improve. Meanwhile ether huffers saw a brief spurt of activity and the "Ethereum Classic" fork's price started dipping sharply across exchanges. Late Sunday evening, a huffer announced on reddit that he was filing a complaint with the SEC, but showed no sign of having ever read Mircea Popescu's excellent guide on interacting with such institutions. Other developing lulz revolve around a list of VC's flushing their money down the toilet on blockchain "tech", and reports of Ethereum "Whales" supporting the Dao Liberator financially. Sorry fork, your loss.

One thought on “Ethereum-iverse Bleeding Money

  1. From " reports of Ethereum "Whales" supporting the Dao Liberator financially"

    > Please contact us and we will fly to your destination to begin counselrendition.


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