Ether Huffers Continue Fall Into Depravity

Flaming tire fire in a shitpit Ethereum showed signs of fermentation related to the fork today, as prices1 dropped below the $10 mark. 24 hour trading stats on showed a -13.62 % drop at the time of writing, with the DAO also plummeting -18.13 %. Even while Ethereum's Phil Daian (WOT:nonperson) watches his "innovative project" burn to the ground, Buterin (WOT:nonperson) seems to feel he can offer the Bitcoin community advice on how to fix their blocksize issues. His suggestion is to remove transaction signatures.2 The Bitcoin Foundation however has already made it quite clear that that isn't gonna happen. Sorry for your loss.

  1. To the extent jenkem can have a price. Turn out this whole time they thought they were huffing ether it was jenkem all along!  

  2. Transaction signatures are THE most important part of the whole cryptocurrency enterprise from both the crypto and currency perspectives.  

3 thoughts on “Ether Huffers Continue Fall Into Depravity

  1. > Flaming tire fire in a shitpit

    Congratulations, you've won the Best Metaphor on Qntra Award for 2016!

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