Derp Summit At Bretton Woods Begins Today

A large number of derps from obeastly regulatory bodies, hamplanetary legislative bodies, and mayogendered figures declaring themselves to be from the blockchain industry are meeting at Bretton Woods. According to CoinDesk the aim of this meeting at Bretton Woods is to produce a "white paper" for presentation at a "payments industry" conference this October. Attendees are reported to include:

the US Federal Trade Commission; US Department of Commerce; and the National Institute of Standards and Technology, as well as US Representatives Mick Mulvaney (WOT:nonperson) and David Schweikert (WOT:nonperson) and members of educational groups including Coin Center and MIT Media Lab

The amount of detail offered by CoinDesk further suggests that Barry Silbert (WOT:nonperson) or representatives of zher ventures will be in attendance.

Brettons Woods is a resort in Carroll, New Hampshire that offers skiing and conferences that attempt to pervert the meaning of money. A July 1944 conference at Bretton Woods set the stage for the purely fiat currency which would come to fruition over the next several decades. The setting chosen for this gathering suggests those in attendance intend to subvert the actual future of Bitcoin regulation.

Given the short hours long life of the "Kimberly Process for Bitcoin" meme, expect the mayogendered forces of shitgnomery to begin pushing a "Bretton Woods of Blockchain" meme. The delay between this conference in July to the paper's presentation in October suggests that the meme will have at least three months to live, if only in their own heads. The conference begins today and continues through Wednesday. Sorry for your laws.

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