Days Of Rain Set Corn Crop Up For Strong Finish

Substantial amounts of rain over the past several days covering largely unirrigated portions of the American Midwest has likely set the corn crop up for success in spite of the threat of a La Nina driven drought. This is bullish for America's collective transition to the Mayo gender. Between the ageing surpluses of grain accumulated over several years and the adipose tissue attached to its many hamplanets, the United States is well entrenched in an agricultural crisis driven by an uncontrolled surplus of food energy. Not only are "food" calories in the United States becoming too cheap to meter, millions of eager mouths are testing this premise. Sorry for your loss.

10 thoughts on “Days Of Rain Set Corn Crop Up For Strong Finish

  1. What have you to say about Qntra's complicity in the conspiracy of silence over the RUSSIAN SPY BEATDOWN PR0N?!?!?!!

    Come on, if CIA moles man-humping Russian foyer-guards across the threshold isn't Qntra-worthy, well…. life isn't worth living.

    • Not being covered unless you register a GPG key and submit the story yourself.

      • Alright, actually halfway serious here: for all the high-minded talk about PGP, have I totally missed Qntra's mythical PGP integration? Because as far as I can tell there's no way to use PGP on Qntra without blasting gigantic blocks of ASCIIfied key directly into the comment field, something that's bound to annoy other readers even more than my comments already do (yeah I know, can you believe it?)

        Y'all keep mentioning WOT, but do you actually run a keyserver with a published trust graph accessible via any sort of standardized protocol? Or one which publishes even a subset of the trust graph?

        Because I mean WOT is not too revolutionary when it is just another name for a bunch of peoples' non-interoperable personal black books between which information can be exchanged only by explicitly manual means.

        Freenet actually has a working (if insufficiently utilized) WOT with all the above, with enough of a protocol and DOS countermeasures that you can actually build automated services on top of it (without asking anybody's permission — please don't bring up your IRCbots). I'm told similar things have been built atop the MIT keyserver protocols. But it seems like the Qntroid universe, for all its extolation of this trigraph, is woefully behind the curve here.

        I don't IRC, nor will I ever IRC, because the medium is fundamentally flawed: channels having administrators inevitably devolves into silly power games and sycophancy.

        Alright, rant off. Back to immature shitposting in five, four, three….

    • Da fuck "conspiracy of silence" about items on fucking nbc news.

      Rule of thumb : if it's on shitstream media – it's not news.

      • I bet it was you doing the man-humping.

      • > Rule of thumb : if it's on shitstream media – it's not news.

        … unless it's funny as shit.

        Don't tell me you didn't bust out at 0:43.

        Fuck the talking head. That is the most undignified "dignitary" I've ever seen rolling around on the pavement there.

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