Dallas "Black Lives Matter" Sniper Killed In Drone Bombing

Following a short standoff with a suspect who allegedly killed 5 Dallas police officers and wounded 7, Dallas police resolved the situation by sending a bomb squad robot to the suspects location and detonating a lethal explosive killing the suspect. This drone killing followed an incident where police officers supervising a Black Lives matter protest were fired upon by one or more persons operating from elevated sniper positions.1 At a press conference today the chief of the Dallas police department confidently reported that the victim of the drone bombing expressed a desire to kill white people while disavowing membership in the "Black Lives Matter" movement. Peace in our time.

  1. Details will likely remain hazy even after the Zapruder film, congressional inquiries, and Oliver Stone (WOT:nonperson) film are completed.  

9 thoughts on “Dallas "Black Lives Matter" Sniper Killed In Drone Bombing

  1. First use of drone to bomb us citizens on us soil ? Was bound to happen, who could have predicted.

    Looking forward, I who could have predicted that within a decade, the majority of drone strikes will be on us citizens or on us soil.

    Democracy prevails!

      • > Also special because drone was not of the flying sort!

        Actually it *was* a flying drone, just not one designed for aerial assault.

        They strapped C4 to a (very high-end) quadcopter that is normally used by the bomb squad.

        I will post a link to the source that conveyed this information when I am less drunk.

    • > First use of drone to bomb us citizens

      Wait I thought you didn't watch television :)

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