Avid Life Media Under FTC Investigation

Fallout from the Ashley Madison hack continues, with parent company Avid Life Media now the focus of a U.S. Federal Trade Commission investigation. CEO Rob "more could perhaps have been spent on security" Segal (WOT:nonperson) said the company is spending millions to improve zher security and did not reveal if the investigation was targeting zher use of fake profiles and fembots to lure desperate customers to the site. He offered only "That's a part of the ongoing process that we're going through … it's with the FTC right now." The company boasts they have "roughly $50 million" USD to be used for "fostering partnerships" with other dating sites.

2 thoughts on “Avid Life Media Under FTC Investigation

  1. Oh, they have an FTC investigation going on? Meanwhile, wanna buy something Available for Institutional Sales only? I hear it's a great deal.

  2. > "fostering partnerships" with other dating sites.

    Ie, get a federated scamming ring going. None of this you know, competition. It's bad for bidniss.

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