WOTless Bitcoin n00b Scammed For Millions Of Fiat Tokens

Sorry for your loss hit Dallas Cowboys running back Darren McFadden (WOT:nonperson) this week, as it was revealed that his longtime business manager Michael Vick1 (WOT:nonperson) was responsible for mishandling 15 million dollars entrusted to him, with 3 million being used to fund an unknown Bitcoin venture. A lawsuit filed against Mr. Vick and 10 John Does alleges that

Rather than securing for Plaintiff a lifetime of financial security as Defendant Vick promised Plaintiff, Defendant Vick covertly used Plaintiff's income as his personal slush fund to subsidize his own lifestyle and expenses and to invest in his own projects

McFadden have given Vick, a former family friend, power of attorney to assist him with financial choices in August of 2008. The schemes were uncovered when Vick attempted to sell a building to McFadden that had already been purchased with his own money.

  1. Not the NFL quarterback 

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