US Loses 40% Of Women To Mayo Gender Transition

Clitler in a Frilly MaosuitOutlets more focused on preserving feeling than stating biological fact are reporting that 40% of women in the United States are now obese (archived). In biologically correct vernacular nearly half of women in the United States transitioned away from womanhood and into the third, mayogender. While this accomplishment of the American socialist state is not quite as impressive as what the British socialist state accomplished in making its children too fat to breathe without depending upon the apparatus of the state to assist them. At least Clitler, now the presumptive presidential nominee that poor country's major socialist party, is safely insulated from being the fattest "woman"1 at any function.

Reminder: Due to her Clinton privilege, Clitler is unlikely to be prosecuted for the mishandling classified information on a grand scale. David Patraeus, lone hero of America's war to create ISIS in Iraq and one time favorite to become president of the United States, forfeited a future political career and his standing over the same oversight committed on a far smaller scale.

  1. According to the deviant socially injust rules of the local discourse transmayos are still allowed to identify themselves as their birth gender without being corrected.  

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