T Ascendant!

I (wot:mod6) deployed an IRC implementation of "T" – a ticketing system (descending from a command line version published earlier last month) for projects originating from The Bitcoin Foundation and The Most Serene Republic (TMSR~).

Since the Founding of The Bitcoin Foundation and for many years previous; The Republic has tracked proposals of all forms through logging of the assembly chamber, #trilema.

Throughout these many months it has become increasingly difficult to track all of these items. The Republic has been in need of a means to track them all.

With the deployment of tb0t (WOT:tb0t), Bitcoin Lords may now leverage this system to track their projects, corresponding work, and related tasks. This is important for a variety of reasons: tickets can be described in detail and isolation; avert archaeological digs; connect together in Antecedent/Dependent relationships; graph directionally, and viewed on The Foundation website; projects rendered and viewed as a whole broad visionary scope.

Viva La Serenissima!

3 thoughts on “T Ascendant!

  1. I especially like the "avert archaeological digs" part.

    No one knows how useful that is until you have had to grep through logs to find relevant project info on trb. Respect.

  2. The ascii graphs are dead sexy.

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