Rural Police Recapture Funds Liberated In Social Engineering Coup

Officials in Platte County, MO announced they have recovered $28,205 of $48,200 they lost due to a county treasurer falling victim to a social engineering attack delivered via spoofed emails. Rob Willard, the treasurer, said he made a wire transfer in the amount of $48,000 after receiving an email from someone pretending to be Presiding Commissioner Ron Schieber, in order to pay for a tax consultant. Upon realizing he had been duped, Mr. Willard alerted the Feebs and the fraud department of Wells-Fargo who are still investigating and have not yet found the source of the fraudulent emails. The individuals responsible are believed to have liberated several other counties in Missouri and Kansas of funds as well.

One thought on “Rural Police Recapture Funds Liberated In Social Engineering Coup

  1. Will the county subsequently liquidate?

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