"Reverse Feeding Tube" Latest Luxury Developed For Mayogendered Lifestyle

The United States Food and Drug Administration announced their approval today of the AspireAssist, a device that pumps undigested food from the stomach of third gendered individuals through a port in the abdomen. During trials of the device users were reported to have their body mass index reduced on average from 50 which corresponds to class IV morbid obesity to 35 which corresponds to class II severe obesity. Shelby Sullivan (WOT:nonperson) who lead the pilot study described the device as:

a form of calorie restriction that takes into account the desire to eat

In other words this dangerous device would allow transmayo individuals to reduce the visible manifestation of their character defects without actually addressing their defects of character. This means that in the future many mayogendered individuals may be able to "pass" as the gender they choose to present as with less interference from their actual biological mayogender.1

  1. Individuals who reclaim visible external genitalia without addressing their serious binge eating disorder of course would maintain their mayogendered status where it counts. Extant bariatric surgeries at least bring the possibility of treating the eating disorder through conditioning the Obeast into eating less due to a change in their physical condition. This bypasses that promising an easier softer way while neglecting to treat the actual disorder.  

8 thoughts on “"Reverse Feeding Tube" Latest Luxury Developed For Mayogendered Lifestyle

  1. Roman state of the art, plus extra hole ?

  2. Glad to see that finally a proper species reassignment surgery (SRS) procedure has been developed for the human to goat (HtG) transmayo oppressed intersectional minority.

    Thanks to this revolutionary device, and the second abdominal hole, MtGs the world over finally have the right (!!) to transition into the ruminant they've always been inside. No more goat trapped in human body. Nothing like re-eating the own predigested "food" to prove one's real goatness!!

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