Preet Indicts Hondurans In Honduras

Evil itselfAgent of oppresion Preet Bharara handed out indictments to 6 Honduran policemen on Wednesday. These officers are not of Preet's District in Manhattan or even the United States. The officers allegedly conspired to smuggle cocaine between points that are not in the United States, though Preet assures the destination was the United States and not one of the other countries that likes cocaine too.1Undercover officers fraudulently misrepresenting themselves as Mexican narcotics wholesalers offered the officers a million United States dollars in bribes to "ensure the safe passage of tons of cocaine through the jungles of Honduras" Bharara said. The officers allegedly operated the smuggling ring over a ten year period. Last month Fabio Porfirio Lobo, the son of a former Honduran president, plead guilty to some charges and introduced the accused officers to the fake merchants. Sorry for your laws Mister World Police.

  1. This list consists of all of the countries.  

2 thoughts on “Preet Indicts Hondurans In Honduras

  1. Every other country geographic area might like cocaine as much as the US but only the Middle East has an equal number of big schnozes per capita. Sorta gives Preet a 50-50 chance of being right.

  2. Sir, my fine nation does not like cocaine.

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