Garza, Stuart Fraser of Cantor Fitzgerald, and GAW Face Class Action Suit In US Court

A group of investors hoping to actually recover funds from dead pyramid scheme GAW Miners and its officers filed a class-action lawsuit against the group in a US court. This is the second lawsuit to be filed against Homero J. Garza (WOT:nonperson), Stuart Fraser of Cantor Fitzgerald (WOT:nonperson), and the company originally known as Great Awk Wireless. The first indictment against Homero and GAW was issued on Qntra in October of 2014 following speculation on other venues associated with The Most Serene Republic back in August of 2014 Anno Domini. Blog comment defender of GAW and Garza "DirtFighter" (WOT:nonperson) was unreachable for comment while CryptoCoinNews, NewsBTC, CoinDesk, Bitcoinist, and other operations supposing they were Bitcoin news outlets at the time while either enabling or outright supporting the GAW scam were not solicited for comment.1

  1. Un-WoT'd nonpersons the lot of them.  

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