Forbes Revises Theranos CEO's Estimated Wealth To Near Zero

Forbes Magazine has revised their estimate of Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes's (WOT:nonperson) net worth from 4.5 Billion United States dollars to nearly zero. Back in October Qntra reported on the likely at the time impending collapse of the healthcare startup which attracted investment from well connected figures in the criminal gang purporting to govern the United States from Washington, DC including Henry Kissinger (WOT:nonperson) and former Senate majority leader Bill Frist, MD (WOT:nonperson). United States Marine Corps General James Mattis (WOT:nonperson) even ended up on the Board of Theranos after intervening to protect a relationship between the firm and the United States military. Between October and today the firm once valued at 9 billion United States dollars generated much noise as the reliable rumours that their product's inaccuracy rendered it worthless were confirmed. On the way to building a 9 billion United States dollar valuation, the product simply never worked in spite of numerous fraudulent misrepresentations that it did. Sorry for your loss.

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