Fenton Taking Leave Of Vessenes' Fundnation Corpse

Bruce Fenton (WOT:nonperson) has announced on the Bitcoin core client fork's slack channel that he will be resigning his position as director of Vessenes' Fundnation1 in 2 months. When the news started making the rounds on social media, he quickly added he might stay if he had assistance or funding, leading to speculation the announcement is a last-ditch attempt to scam more gullible redditors out of money. The Vessenes' Fundnation blew through 5800 BTC in 2014 and have repeatedly balked at releasing financials and transparency reports on their website. Despite repeated appeals to the public to help him revive the failed organization, it seems no one can figure out what the Vessenes' Fundnation actually is good for besides handing out out fancy titles and harboring failed child stars and alleged child fuckers like Brock Pierce (WOT:nonperson).

  1. Also known as the organization fraudulently misrepresenting itself as the actual Bitcoin Foundation  

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