Corn Futures Fall On Possibility Of Further Supply Glut

Today corn futures fell as the United States corn crop appears in good condition for this point in the year, though La Nina's effects are beginning to be felt with lower than normal humidity levels in much of the lower Middle West greatly reducing the amount of heat driven storms and precipitation typical of the region's summers. Further reason for United States corn growers to panic is a solid winter corn crop out of Brazil. A visual survey of farm fields in the lower Middle West also raises concerns about this year's soybean crop as many fields that aren't growing corn lay fallow with the untilled remains of the winter wheat crop still visible. The US agricultural sector's pain is likely to continue spilling over into related industries with heavy equipment manufacturers continuing to be particularly affected. A glut of stored grain and increasing foreign imports will likely allow the United States to continue its love affair with Obeastiality for some time into the future. Sorry for your loss.

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