Brexit Voting Begins

Residents of Airstrip One are taking to the polls today to determine whether their morbidly ample asses will leave the European Union. Such a move by British voters would strengthen the current German and Ottoman dominance over setting policy for the United States of Europe. Back in 2014 Scotland tried to divorce itself from the Ingoc values imposed by lower Britain, but that ballot initiative failed forcing the Scots to be passive aggressive online. Much of the pro "Brexit" appeal is focused on limiting the influx of immigrants enabled by European open borders arrangements as they are taking jobs from the fatter and less capable Brits.

2 thoughts on “Brexit Voting Begins


    Shit just went sideways and I need Qntra to tell me which kind of freaking out I should be doing now that Leave has won.

    So proud of our former imperial overlords right now… couldn't have been colonized by a braver people.

  2. Eh dun worry about it, uk joins syria, iran and labia in new commonwealth. Capital will be at Rotterham. From what I hear you'll enjoy it.

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