Bitcoin Difficulty Dials Back 1.63%

In its march to cross 2 trillion Bitcoin network difficulty has decreased by 1.63 percent from 199312067531.24301147 to 196061423939.64996338 during its latest adjustment. The next mining subsidy halving is still on schedule with all of the chaos that entails. Expect anything,1 but it is likely that weaker miners will continue getting squeezed out with only small temporary dips in network hashrate. Weakening fiat markets in China and the fresh constraint on new coin market entry are likely to lead the way at fiat/Bitcoin interfaces with the weaker and more fraudulent fiat/Bitcoin interfaces potentially getting squeezed as well in the manner of Mt Gox. Sorry for your loss.

  1. Due to the likelihood of intensified fraud on the fiat side all manner of short term trends are possible.  

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