Acquihired Changetip Can't Unload Actual Changetip "Business"

CoinDesk would like you to know that their sibling under a shared corporate parent, ChangeCoin is still reporting trouble selling the micro transaction framework ChangeTip since its sale to Airbnb back in April. (archived) Changetip/Changecoin raised almost ~4 million US dollars in it's first round of investor funding before their lack of a sustainable revenue model became an issue. Qntra has previously reported on the woes facing failed spam service back in April. As part of their money in, nothing out philosophy they raised an additional $640,00 in January 2016 after announcing they had run out of funds before the sale.

When Qntra reported on Changetip's phasing in of withdrawal fees back in December 2015 Changetip's Victoria van Eyk (WOT:nonperson) offered the following in the comments:

Please stop this kind of hate. We're not a spamming service. In fact, people use our service for good all the time – just ask any of the 20 charities we support via our platform, or any of the bloggers and musicians who have been delighted at receiving donations for their content.

I'm sorry if you've experienced spam.

The 1% withdrawal fee has always been in the plan, and has simply been prolonged for over a year now. But of course you don't focus on the awesomeness of having used a free service, you choose to focus on the fact that we're only implementing it now.
And yes, transactions cost money to hit the blockchain. Usually anything of value costs value in return.

We didn't "employ a(n) /r/Bitcoin moderator in an effort to avoid complete shunning" – that is just simply inaccurate. We employed BashCo because he was a ChangeTip supporter from the very early days, and we like compensating people for their time, energy and effort.

From my personal point of view, it's sad to see such negative posts like this. The whole community seems to want bitcoin to succeed, but they lambast and throw insults at any company working hard to do it. It's a real shame.

The Bitcoin community had a huge opportunity to help shape ChangeTip into something beautiful to use to help bitcoin adoption forward, and largely has allowed negativity to consume this possibility.


  1. The lack of a GPG signature or WoT presence makes this statement's authorship not definitively verifiable though information suggests it was actually her statement, this is a challenge for those attempting to do business as WoTless nonpersons.  

2 thoughts on “Acquihired Changetip Can't Unload Actual Changetip "Business"

  1. So much negativity. Qntra is mean and doesn't understand how the awesome world of driving adoption for the community works. It was hard work, this.

    So sad that it's just Reddit that think we're wow such cool, and they have no value to give in return.

    If only someone worth two actual satoshis could see value in making bitcoin easy like TV, for people in the community…

  2. +tip brendafernandez 2 kernels

    You can collect your corn here.

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