Transmayos Throw Wrench In Hussein Bahamas' Bathroom Brouha

Last week much of the American media's news pipelines were constipated by the announcement that President Hussein Bahamas (WOT: nonperson) intended to make the etiquette of bathroom selection a Federal matter with strict rules enforced by the criminal gang in Washington DC. The crux of the move by Hussein Bahamas is to ensure schools are compelled to force students to use bathrooms that correspond with the student's outward gender expression. Hussein Bahamas' announcement however regressively adhered to a male/female gender binary ignoring the increase in individuals who have transitioned into the mayogender (archived).

A physical characteristic of individuals who have transitioned into the mayogender from the origin male and female genders is the absence of visible genitalia due to their growth of a panniculus, a adipose apron of skin more commonly referred to as a "Fupa." Mayogndered individuals still tenaciously hold onto their birth gender with a rigorous dishonesty disconnected from their physical reality. In addition to the lack of visible genitalia in mayogendered individuals, secondary sex characteristics tend to converge with formerly male individuals growing breasts and formerly female individuals sprouting facial hair.

The insistence of maygendered individuals upon using bathrooms designated for their former genders is a serious public health concern. The substantial adipose tissue attached to mayogendered individuals make incidents of their "missing the toilet" far more common than it is for the traditionally gendered. In spite of the hazards this presents Hussein Bahamas insists these transmayo individuals still be permitted to foul traditional public restrooms designed to accommodate actual males and females.

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