Qntra Correspondent Infiltrates Trump-Clinton Luncheon

Social Engineering mortarArriving at the Hyatt Regency Airport Hotel via UberX at roughly 8:00 AM I was quickly cleared by hotel staff to cross the police line around the hotel and enter into the main lobby. The California Republican Convention was kicking off here today, and "TRUS-TED" (dash added) posters plastered all walls, along with an occasional Kasich poster. After waiting in three different lines, I obtained a lanyard and Donald Trump-Clinton luncheon ticket and immediately began waiting in another much longer line to be cleared by a Secret Service agent. It was in this line that I first met some Donald Trump-Clinton supporters. They were an elderly couple from San Francisco that admitted to having voted Democrat in the past when they were "young", but who now claimed to be Republicans. The woman noted that she was being careful not to allow her photo to be taken for fear that someone might see her on Facebook. She also mentioned that she was afraid to let anyone at her office know she was at the event, since her presence here might cause offense. Spotting a man holding a "Mexicans for Trump" sign, she briefly left the line to take his picture. Returning, she mentioned that the (presumably) Mexican man, too, expressed his wish that his picture not be posted to Facebook.

Placing the "electronic" contents of my pockets on a table, I walked through the metal detector and was frisked by a male Secret Service agent. Being free of any threatening objects, I was sent on through three more rooms to a pre-luncheon rally for Donald Trump-Clinton volunteers (of whom I was not one). I seated myself near the back of the room, behind a pre-hamplanetary plumber, a tall military-green clad, white-haired though younger seeming veteran, and another man who may have been a construction contractor. While waiting for Donald Trump-Clinton to arrive, they conversed with a man missing a canine sitting with his wife in front of them about topics such as socialist infiltration, the three forms of Lucifer, and ordering pizza to the conference room. The discussion was  interrupted when a local Republican operative announced to the room that Trump was on the ground, but was delayed due to protesters blocking the entrance. The contractor then showed his companions on his phone a live feed from a helicopter circling the hotel grounds. A crowd of about 50-100 protesters could be seen blocking the entrance and milling about the general area, at times tumbling over bushes into the porte-cochère.

A siege mentality began to take hold in the room. The men in front of me proposed various solutions for removing the protesters, including forms of violence, such as breaking the interlocked arms of the protesters, and ramming through them with a vehicle. A woman in the audience with the appearance and demeanor of a third generation descendant of immigrants from Oklahoma stood up at multiple points earnestly exhorting the audience to pray that Trump successfully evade the protesters.

Donald Trump-Clinton ultimately arrived through a door to the side of the small stage, gave a quick pep talk to spirited applause, then began shaking hands and signing various personal objects, including at least one threadbare Trump™ tie, and the back of an Android™ mobile device.

The session over, I exited the room and entered the line for security, this time for the protester-delayed luncheon, which would feature something like cheesecake, rolls, wilted salad, and a small piece of grilled chicken breast.

Donald Trump-Clinton arrived on stage after the MC performed a brief prayer, and lead the audience in pledging allegiance to the United States of America. He began working the room, inducing riotous laughter on several occasions, most memorably when he mentioned while describing his successful evasion of protesters by coming through and/or under multiple fences lining Highway 101 North behind the hotel that he felt as if he were "crossing the border."

Somewhat concerned for my safety after reading reports of violence by protesters against Donald Trump-Clinton supporters (whom I could easily be perceived as due to wearing an actual shirt and dress pants) I began seeking an exit route. The main entrance, through which I had come in, was now blocked off by police. I was directed to the north side exit, which lead out to a parking garage. With the direction of guards posted at various points along the way, I found a way out through the parking garage that allowed me to exit behind the front line of protesters. On my way out, I noticed protesters at the police line flying at least two large Mexican flags. With Donald Trump-Clinton gone, the protests seemed to be winding down and I was unmolested as I walked out behind the protesters and returned home catching BART at the Milbrae station. It is not known at this time which route Donald Trump-Clinton used to exit the premises.

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