Phuctor Factors United States DISA Key

Almost lost in the joy of Phuctor returning is the news that among the keys factored is 5E544EE26273C00C079AD40991CF5894 associated with of the United States Department of Defense's Defense Information Systems Agency. This appears to be a key actually used by DISA in practice. Expect the astroturf machine to continue professing "cosmic rays" and engage in other late medieval apologetics in an attempt to sweep reality under the rug. Peace in our time.

6 thoughts on “Phuctor Factors United States DISA Key

  1. A spectacular an amazing a fest but, no one will gives damn because you do not explain whats it means.

    How did you get their key?
    How do factoring it work?
    What do factoring it mean for their security?
    Why do you care?
    Is this terror?

    • How did you get their key?
      It's a public key, and lived on SKS.

      How do factoring it work?
      Like that.

      What do factoring it mean for their security?
      Not much, the key is circa 1994.

      Why do you care?
      There is a number of well-formed (as distinct from, e.g., the 32-bit mirrored moduli) RSA public keys floating around having tiny prime factors. Something that can only happen as a result of a sabotaged key generator.

      Is this terror?
      Definitely. USG has been terrorizing, e.g., PGP users with diddled key generators for quite some time. Apparently a bureaucrat accidentally ate some of his own medicine in 1994.

    • Since when is understanding the world around an explanatory obligation incumbent upon the world ?

      This "giving a shit" of "anyone" is not worth the actual shit in question, whether the part of it found in the respective colons or craniums. Move along plox, it's not for you.

      • As a news piece, the author should give a little more explanation of what is going on and what it means.

      • Qntra claims its "Reporting the Intersection of Bitcoin, Technology, and Politics" is why. "Reporting" means explaining with context. Its not incumbent on "the world", its incumbent on anyone who who is reporting. If Qntra isnt for reporting to people who are non-wot, then why not just keep it in the wot and kill Qntra? Why waste your time? If you dont give a shit about anyone, then just retreat to the wot and never come out or publish anything in public? Everyone who matters in the world is already in the wot, so seal yourselvs off. You're only relevant if people understand what youre doing and saying; thats the actual definition of "relevance".

      • Stop whining, the both/lot of you. There isn't any space for your "contributions" in the political process. Do work ; or get out of the way.

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