Altcoin Exchange Hacked, Claims $2 Million United States dollars Lost

Hong Kong altcoin exchange Gatecoin has reportedly been hacked resulting in nearly $2 Million USD in cryptocurrency missing. A statement posted today on their website stated:

"In total, the hot wallet breach resulted in the loss of ETH 185,000 and BTC 250, which is equivalent to USD 2 million. This represents 15% of total crypto-asset deposits held by Gatecoin. So far, the forensic investigation has identified the wallet addresses used by the hackers"

The site's twitter account indicated the website and API would be offline while the extent of the hack was investigated.

Bitcoin Fork "Core" Plans To "Open Up" Contribution Process

The "Core" fork of the reference Bitcoin client plans to open up their development process in order to solicit changes from parties uninterested in technology. The move is supposedly inspired by the ClassicCoin coup attempt as developers of the "Core" client prepare their own "CoreCoin" coup attempt. As other hostile social engineers did before, they will attempt to move value from actual Bitcoin to their altcoin by fraudulently misrepresenting their effort as some sort of "natural evolution" or enhancement of Bitcoin.

Unlike the ClassicCoin team this different merry brand of fraudsters will lean on their history of conning the mining cartel1 into enforcing various option "soft forks" unrelated to the actual Bitcoin protocol as a sort of magical token of legitimacy. Nevertheless their claims of "stewardship" over Bitcoin have still less basis in fact than the Australian Fraudster Hoaxtoshi's claims of having created Bitcoin.

The "CoreCoin" team has not yet publically made any content containing statements on what they will bring to the table actually justifying the grave move to hard fork Bitcoin deferring to their need, like Gavin did, to do it so people know it can be done.


  1. The fact that the CoreCoin developers and leaders of the major mining pools have gathered together and entered into contracts together is prima facie evidence that "Yes Virginia, there is a mining cartel."  

Philadelphia Occupation Force Disguises Surveillance Van As Google Surveillance Van

Reports are emerging that "law enforcement" agency loyal to the criminal gang in Washington DC tasked with maintaining Federal occupation of Philadelphia operates a surveillance van disguised as a Google suveillance van. This surveillance van disguised as a different surveillance van is outfitted with an automated mass scanning license plate reader.

Incidents Of Ischemic Brain Damage Increase Among Younger Adults In United States

The American Heart Associated is noting that there has been a sharp increase in the number of American between 25 and 44 suffering ischemic strokes, while the hospitalizations among the elderly for these injuries are falling.1 These trends are concurrent with the rise in movements promoting Obeastiality and Transmayogenderism in the American political left.2 While younger persons suffering from ischemic brain injuries tends to recover their mobility faster than the aged, the contemporary average mobility of young American adults doesn't enjoy a much higher baseline than the elderly due to the embrace of Obeastiality by the young.

  1. perhaps because fewer Americans live long enough to experience old age 

  2. The American political "right" never cared that it was fat in the first place.  

Yet Another Darknet Market Sprouts

It calls itself Silk Road 3.0 . The anonymous owners of another deepweb site, Crypto Market, are reputedly behind the new incantation which will be known as "Silk Road 3.0" While touting itself as "The darknet's most resilient marketplace", the login page states "We are under DDOS attack. Please come back later." at the time of the writing of this article. Reports further promised massive security updates though the site continues to be accessible only through the TOR network. Prior "Silk Road" markets including were attacked via flaws in Tor with Silk Road 2.0 notably having a record of the attack happening committed to court records.

Ransomware Industry Tightening Product Quality

Proofpoint brings us news that the makers of the CryptXXX ransomware have patched a vulnerability in their product which allowed various antivirus companies to produce "decryptor" products which would recover user files without payment. Numerous ransomware producers have seen their revenue suffer as antivirus companies produced software that exploited vulnerabilities in their ransomware to circumvent payment. If other ransomware ventures follow the example of CryptXXX in improving their own products, the industry as a whole could see substantial growth over the next year.

Insurgent Florida Politician Arrested After Auditing Local Election Website Security

A security audit of the Lee County Supervisor of Elections website conducted and responsibly reported by occasional insurgent political candidate David Levin (WOT:Unknown/Undisclosed) of Estero, Florida lead to Mister Levin's arrest on three felony charges. After disclosing the results of the audit to the current Supervisor of Elections, Mister Levin and David Sinclair (WOT:Unknown/Undisclosed), an acquaintance of Levin's running against the current supervisor of elections for the job, produced a video so the public could see the sort of nuisance website being run by the current office holder, one Sharon Harrington (WOT:nonperson). There is no word yet at press time on possible sanctions to be levied against Harrington for operating a public nuissance. Sorry for your laws.

A Form Of BitBet Online Again

BitBet is back up under new ownership after a month long hiatus. It has returned without the advertisements, and with an updated FAQ page featuring bold red text warning users of the same rules it always had. This is remarkable because the previous owner had been criticized extensively for the controversial stance that late bets should be considered gracious donations. The new site features well-setup up usgssl,1 and as a consequence will only load in usg-blessed web browsers such as those found on the consumer grade portable televisions commonly referred to as smart phones. Continue reading

  1. Meaning set up rather horrible for even the meager security SSL/TLS purports to offer  

Abducted Liberty Reserve Founder Sentenced To 20 Years In Prison

Arthur Budovsky, a Costa Rican National living in Spain at the time he was abducted to suffer a show trial in the United States, has been sentenced by said kangaroo court to 20 years in prison. Preet Bharara's (WOT:nonperson) office was naturally involved with the prosecution offering:

Despite all his efforts to evade prosecution, including taking his operations offshore and renouncing his citizenship, Budovsky has now been held to account for his brazen violations of U.S. criminal laws

Even though all of those measures would to the contrary suggest that Budovsky instead simply had no interest in having any relationship with the United States at all. Unfortunately for Budovsky the United States was far less willing than he to end the relationship on amicable terms choosing to subject a man who did everything in his power to cleanly sever the relationship to sanctions as though they were still connected in any way beyond the abduction of Budovsky. Sorry for your laws.