One Oregon Liberator Pleas To Impeding Federal Officers

Militia liberator Corey Lequieu entered a guilty plea in a Portland courtroom Thursday to charge of "impeding officers of the United States" for not going away when servants of the criminal gang in Washington, DC told him to. Prosecutors agreed to drop two weapons charges and not seek additional felony charges in Nevada or Oregon as part of "the deal." Rámon Pagán, Lequieu's defense attorney was quick to note that while he accepted a plea bargain his client has not cooperated with the government and had no intention to testify or assist them further in any way. It is rather surprising the "Justice" department's Roland Frieselers haven't brought him up on more charges of "impeding", an act that rather than being criminal ought to be expected of every citizen as part of his duty to his country. He is scheduled to be sentenced on August 25 in federal court by U.S. District Court Judge Anna Brown. No cases of Ferguson, Baltimore, Sanders, or Mizzou protestors charged with "impeding" have been found yet, though one Ferguson protester leader was charged with child sex trafficking yesterday.

2 thoughts on “One Oregon Liberator Pleas To Impeding Federal Officers

  1. I suppose Occupy Wallsteet didn't impede anything as the right guy won amirite.

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