Ken Starr (WOT:nonperson) Changes Tune On Clintons AND Sex Scandal Cover Ups

Kenneth Starr (WOT:nonperson) former Solicitor General, former Independent Counsel, and most recently former President of Baylor University has apparently changed his tune on the subject of sex scandals as well as on the subject of Clintons. Starr was fired from his position at Baylor University for facilitating a sex scandal involving the Baylor football team and criminal convictions for sexual assualt and coincidental with his firing, Starr began heaping praise upon America's first black president William Jefferson Clinton. This is an odd turn because Starr spent most of the 1990's prosecuting Bill Clinton for covering up his many sex scandals including President Clinton's alleged criminal sexual assault of Paula Jones.

Bill and Hilary Clinton sent their public relations enforcer, the snake headed queen bitch James Carville, on an extended campaign of character assassination against Starr which continued well after Clinton was impeached and left the White House in shame at the end of his final term. Apparently Starr's own recent ordeal assisting in covering up a sex scandal helped him to empathize with the Clinton way of life. Peace in our time.

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