Ivanpah Solar Plant Sets Self On Fire

This week Unit 3 of the Ivanpah Solar Power Facility set itself on fire when the mirrors sent collected sunlight to a portion of the tower incapable of handling the thermal energy. Environmentalists have accused the plant of being a "mega-trap" slaughtering wildlife and releasing carbon emissions when it routinely incinerates birds. With Unit 2 down for maintenance only Unit 1 is producing electricity at this time.

2 thoughts on “Ivanpah Solar Plant Sets Self On Fire

  1. Lulziest part in the Associated Press report is how the derp that shat it out thinks "it's not immediately clear what impact that would have on California's electricity supply".

    Herp. Let's guess, what impact does solar power have on electricity supply, in California and everywhere ?

    Obviously "~zero" is no good for the USG.AgitProp dept, so they gotta say "it's not clear what". Here's MP's law of USG propaganda : any value presented as "it's not clear" can be replaced with ~0. Direct equivalent of Betteridge's law of headlines.

    It's not clear how many people were helped by Obamacare ; how much support libertards have electorally or how long the whole charade may continue. Hurr.

  2. > it routinely incinerates birds

    Whatever dude, the alien overlords apparently don't care when their intergalactic generators keep making our airplanes disappear.

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