Ingsoc Victory: Britain's Children Too Fat To Breathe

The Mirror reports that an increasing number of British children have to be placed on mechanical ventilators because they are too fat for their bodies to sustain independent respiration. Respiration is of course an basic activity that a person must undertake in order to sustain life independently, but English socialism1 of course is opposed to the independent living of individual homo sapiens as an organizing principle. Though no spokesperson will likely admit it publicly, the complete dependence of this latest generation of children upon the government's National "Health" Service is an ideological victory for Ingsoc. Hamplanetry, Transmayogenderism, and criminal Obeastiality plague the entire anglophone world the embrace of Ingsoc in the United Kingdom appears to be giving Britain the lead in both their general level of socialist depravity as well as their growth in endemic morbid obesity.

  1. Commonly referred to as Ingsoc  

6 thoughts on “Ingsoc Victory: Britain's Children Too Fat To Breathe

  1. Of all the reasons for obesity, not one of them was "individuals have been putting too much stuff in their mouthes." Because.. reasons.

    • Don't blame the victim!

    • I don't think it would help anyway. Part of the issue in the Western world is eating too much shit, not too much. The amount of sugar alone your average American consumes is frightening.

      • How come too much shit is not too much?

        • I can easily eat "too much" actual food, I will have an indigestion but not get fat.

          Saying "too much" is misleading.

          • To clarify, "too much" equals more calories than your body requires for maintenance. If you're eating calories in excess of your maintenance, you'll store it. Eat meat, nuts and veg all you want, you'll gain weight if there is "too much". On the flip side, you can eat shit food, but if you stay below maintenance levels, you can actually lose weight. You may not feel good, but you'll look 'aight.

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