Finnish Prime Minister Breaks Promise To Personally House Refugees

Numerous sources are reporting that Finnish Prime Minister Juha Sipilä (WOT:nonperson) has broken a promise he made earlier to personally offer his second home as housing for refugees arriving in Finland (archived). Sipilä cited concerns about security and "heavy publicity" in withdrawing the offer, even though the offer was made in order to generate publicity. Sipilä reportedly has two privately owned homes in addition to the residence provided to him by Finnish taxpayers. By offering the home it initially appeared that Sipilä intended to ease a portion of the burden he was imposing on taxpayer through inviting the world's poor to make their own cold weather Africa on Finnish soil at taxpayer's expense by at least housing one refugee family himself. Instead he just demonstrated that he was just another Trump-Clinton full of empty promises putting tax payers on the hook for his hollow publicity stunt. Sorry for your loss.

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